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Lawmakers drop bill revising marijuana law

SALEM — It looks like Oregon’s Medical Marijuana Act won’t be reworked by the 2009 Legislature, after all.

oregon medical marijuana cannabisA Senate panel led by Springfield Democrat Bill Morrisette had spent the past few months working on a bill that would have tightened up rules on patients’ caregivers, who are legally allowed to transport medical marijuana to them from growers.

Senate Bill 388 also would have further clarified the quantities of marijuana plants — and its concentrated derivative, hashish — that patients can possess.

Law enforcement officials, meanwhile, wanted to amend the law to give police the right to inspect confidential records on medical marijuana program participants when they suspect that those illegally growing or dealing pot are using medical marijuana patients for a cover story.

Morrisette said the proposal, however well intentioned, created too much friction within what he called “the medical marijuana community.” There was also opposition to the proposed expansion of police powers to oversee the program.

So for the 2009 session, Morrisette said Wednesday, he is leaving the bill for dead.

“Usually, when you make everyone mad, it’s a good bill,” Morrisette said. “But this was making everyone mad to the point where we decided it wasn’t a good bill.”

By David Steves www.registerguard.com

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