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Quebec hospital approves cannabis use

While governments and authorities do everything they can to turn their noses up at the medicinal use of marijuana, the announcement that a Quebec hospital will allow patients to smoke pot is a sign that some in the country’s medical community, at least, are willing to embrace it.

Officials at the Sherbrooke University Hospital Centre voted on Thursday to allow the use of cannabis vaporizers in patients’ rooms, if the attending doctor feels the patient is “sick enough” to warrant the use of medicinal marijuana.

Not only did the hospital approve the measure, CBC News reports that the facility’s 650 doctors, dentists and pharmacists voted unanimously in favour.

The Sherbrooke, Que., hospital made headlines earlier this year when a doctor allowed a terminal patient, Charles Bury, to use marijuana from his hospital room.

Bury, the outspoken long-time editor of the Sherbrooke Record, died of terminal cancer a short time later.

“It’s a remedy that helps you to relax and you can’t help but being nervous and tense when you’re put in a position like this,” Bury said before his passing. “I’ve never died before, so I don’t know exactly what it’s going to be like.”

By Matthew Coutts
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