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Hemp Activist Rick Simpson to run as Independent in Federal Election

I am offering the Canadian public a cure for cancer and many other diseases.

Over the last three years I have made hemp oil available to hundreds of people with a variety of diseases and conditions. The results have been astounding.  Hemp, also called cannabis or marijuana has been known throughout history to be the most medicinal plant in the world.

Why has this plant been so restricted for medicinal use in Canada? When oils are made from hemp containing a high percentage of THC the resulting oils have amazing healing powers.
This drug is literally a cure-all that can be easily produced on a large scale at a very reasonable cost. When you work with this drug, miracles become everyday events.  

Big money and corruption have seen to it that hemp has been restricted to the public.

Governments pass laws and produce propaganda to brainwash the public into believing that hemp is harmful. I’m here to tell you that it is not. I have sworn affidavits from dozens of folks who had serious medical conditions and hemp oil worked wonders for them.

The pharmaceutical industry sold hemp-based medicine for decades, they know all about hemp’s healing power. These companies sold the public what I would consider a watered down version of hemp medicine, mostly in tinctures and hash resin pain pills. I can’t find any evidence that these companies ever sold the public real high-grade hemp oil or resins. It seems they kept the real medicine from the public using the same reasoning as today; you can’t sell the people medicine if you heal them, so the public never gets the good stuff.

In February of 2003 I cured my own cancer. I then began a campaign to prove what this oil could do. I started contacting every politician and organization I could think of.

This is a list of who was contacted about hemp curing cancer in 2003, 2004 and 2005.
Sep 13, 2003 – RCMP raid. I told them that hemp oil cures cancer.
Oct 10, 2003 – Letter to Dr. David Suzuki, second letter November 2003.
Nov 05, 2003 – Hon. Anne McLellan, MP, Minster of Health, Ottawa, ON.
Nov 05, 2003 – Hon. Murray Scott, MLA Nova Scotia.
Nov 12, 2003 – Hon. Darrell Dexter, MLA Nova Scotia.
Nov 12, 2003 – Hon. Jack Layton, MP, Leader, NDP, Ottawa, ON.
Nov 12, 2003 – Marc Emery, Cannabis Culture Magazine.
Jan., 2004 – Meeting with Hon. Wm. (Bill) Casey MP, Nova Scotia.
Jan 22, 2004 – Canadian Cancer Society, National Office, Toronto, ON.
Jan 22, 2004 – Canadian Cancer Society, Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Sep 08, 2004 – Hon. Ujjal Dosanjh, MP, Minister of Health, Ottawa, ON.
Nov 29, 2004 – Const. Simon Roy, RCMP Drug Squad, Truro, Nova Scotia.
                          Offered to show him evidence, but he wouldn’t come.
Apr 25, 2005 – CTV Public Affairs programme W Five, no response
Apr 25, 2005 – CBC Public Affairs programme Fifth Estate, no response
May 06, 2005 – RCMP Amherst Detachment, Amherst, Nova Scotia.
                         Letter and Videotape – No response.
Apr 16, 2005 – Meeting at Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 134, Maccan, NS.
Aug 27, 2005 – Meeting at Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 134, Maccan, NS.

No one I have contacted about this situation has lifted a finger, they won’t even come and look at the evidence. Now I want to know why these parties refused to act when I contacted them. Two years have passed and because of their inaction people are still suffering and dying needlessly. I place the full blame for hemp’s restrictions in medicine right at the door of the party system. The parties put the laws in place in 1923 and they continue with these restrictive laws to the present day. No one has the right to tell you that you can’t use the most medicinal plant in the world to heal yourself. Anyone with a lick of common sense would know that.

I am entering politics because no one is telling the Canadian people the truth, we can no longer stand by while graft, corruption and ignorance ruin our nation.
I have medical issues of my own, but I feel that I am capable of representing my constituents properly and honestly. I am not in this for the money; in fact, if elected I would like the government to donate what I would have been paid to Phoenix Tears for the production of more medicine. I want no paycheque.

I would like my opponents in this election to explain to me and the Canadian people why they have been running away from the mother of all miracle drugs.
All we hear and read about is preventative medicine, the high cost of health care and the long wait for operations that too many folks must endure, with no action being taken. The whole system is in shambles. If this oil is used properly it will go a long way toward curing many of our medical woes.

I’m running as an independent with an open book policy. I feel that this is the only way that government can be run honestly.
The party system breeds corruption. How may times do they have to prove it to us. I’m convinced, and I hope you will be too, that the party’s over. We’ve been lied to about hemp and we have all lost family members that could have been healed if hemp had been used in medicine.

Come Election Day, I’m asking you to help me make the changes that must be made to ensure we have the best medical treatments available. Hemp oil is at our fingertips, let’s make the changes together.

You can watch the Rick Simpson story here

Thank you,
Rick Simpson.

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