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Feds Bust 103 Medical Pot Dispensaries in SoCal, Delivering Major Blow to Patients in Area

June 12, 2013  |  The states — and public opinion —  are clearly way ahead of the federal government when it comes to marijuana policy. Nonetheless, the feds insist on shoving their ‘weed is the devil’s lettuce’ propaganda down all of our throats, sometimes with guns and raids. Yesterday, they sent their weed warriors to Los Angeles County, where they busted in and raided 103 (LEGAL) medical marijuana dispensaries

“Out of the 103 storefronts targeted today, federal authorities sent warning letters to 28 stores in Long Beach, 71 in Los Angeles, and four in the Antelope Valley,” the U.S. attorney said in a statement. “Two of the stores in Long Beach are housed in buildings that are the subject of asset forfeiture lawsuits that were filed today in United States District Court.”

feds oppressive southern california dispensariesIf my math is correct, that means the vast majority of those raided were un-warned. Nonetheless, that’s two more buildings the war on drugs’ has eaten up as part of its larger policing-for-profit model, which includes the money-making incentive of asset forfeiture.

“Today’s [Tuesday’s] federal actions involve all known marijuana stores in the City of Long Beach; the City of Lancaster; the high desert community of Pearblossom; and the parts of Los Angeles served by the Newton, Rampart and Harbor divisions of the Los Angeles Police Department,” the statement said, shamelessly removing each and every point of access to care for ailing residents in those areas.

 Add these busts to a list of more than 600 marijuana dispensaries the feds have already screwed with, despite evidence that marijuana is effective medicine for a variety of issues, ranging from side effects of chemotherapy to glaucoma, chronic pain, and muscle spasticity. But the feds know their no-science is the best science, so they will spend tax dollars and send public servants to interfere with what voters want, but the feds don’t want them to have.

By Kristen Gwynne

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