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Canadian Medical marijuana growers upset with new rules

Some Winnipeggers are angered by new federal rules that will prevent them from growing their own medical marijuana.

The new rules say government grown pot won’t be an option either.

Instead, patients will be required to mail order their marijuana from licensed growers.

canada medica marijuana program growing cultivationSteven Stairs produces and uses his own medical marijuana for his disabilities. He has glaucoma, cataracts and retinitis pigmentosa, degenerative conditions.
He said he has access to medical marijuana because of the glaucoma. He also suffers from anxiety and stress from the loss of vision. Stairs said the new rules are ridiculous.

“They’re draconian.” he said. “I think they’re a step backwards. I haven’t ran (sic) into a single patient so far that is for these changes.”

Stairs said the changes mean he will have to pay four to five times as much for a drug he needs to get by.

“If I have to pay any sort of out of pocket expense, that I already can’t afford because I have a disability, and I have a lower income earning ratio than most people, how will I be able to provide myself with my marijuana?”

Stairs plans to protest the new rules.

Under new rules, the government will no longer produce or distribute medical pot and medical marijuana users will no longer be allowed to grow the product at home. (Ed Andrieski/Associated Press)