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#OpCannabis: Anonymous Team Vendetta Take Down Anti-Cannabis Sites for 420

Anonymous Team Vendetta took down four major anti-cannabis sites to mark this year’s 4/20 #OpCannabis launch on Saturday.

Members of the hacktivist collective temporarily took down the following sites:

  1. Citizens Against Legalizing Marijuana (CALMca.org); CALM’s official position is that “We affirm the 2006 FDA finding and vast scientific evidence that marijuana causes harm. The normalization, expanded use, and increased availability of marijuana in our communities are detrimental to our youth, to public health, and to the safety of our society.”
  2. Infamous anti-pot activist Paul Chabot‘s site (paulchabot.com) was taken down, and Team Vendetta noted, “Also, have fun sorting out the 18,500 campaign email requests;” right-wing nutcase Chabot’s focus is currently on his quixotic run for the California State Assembly. In January, Chabot, on HuffPost Live, compared marijuana to child pornography.
  3. The site of former Oxycontin addict, eight-term Congressman Patrick Kennedy’s Project SAM, Smart Approaches to Marijuana (learnaboutsam.com), was also taken down. Kennedy has proposed the forced “re-education” of pot users. “We cannot promote a comprehensive system of mental health treatment and marijuana legalization, which increases permissiveness for a drug that directly contributes to mental illness,” he claims on SAM’s website.
  4. The site of former White House advisor and outspoken drug warrior Kevin Sabet (kevinsabet.com) was the fourth site targeted and taken down by Anonymous Team Vendetta. Sabet was listed in a recent Rolling Stone article as the #1 enemy of marijuana legalization in the United States.

“There are more lulz coming VERY soon,” a Team Vendetta member told Toke Signals on Sunday.

By Steve Elliott
Source: tokesignals.com

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