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Brothers ran online drugs enterprise

TWO brothers who ran an online drug-dealing business dubbed “Amazon for drugs” have been locked up.

Michael and Alan Burns took orders over the internet, which they sent across the world from their local post office.

A website registered to Alan Burns, 24, offered cannabis, diazepam and a psychedelic drug known as 2C-B for sale.

drug buying website mail order The drugs were kept in a storage complex in Abercorn Street, Paisley, and posted from Springbank Road post office.

Suspicions were raised on February 9 last year, when staff at a sorting office in Springburn, Glasgow, found a parcel destined for London that reeked of cannabis.

As part of the Operation Bismark drugs probe, officers tracked the brothers for several months.

The pair were arrested at the post office, where Michael Burns, 27, of Neilston, ­Renfrewshire, was caught with seven Jiffy-type bags containing white powder.

When the storage unit was searched, £34,115 in cash and £16,000 of diazepam, £4470 of 2C-B and £180 of herbal cannabis were seized.

A 15-ton hydraulic press was also found.

The home of the brothers’ mother was later searched and a small cannabis factory was discovered in a bedroom.

Computer equipment seized held evidence of drug price lists and bank details.

Prosecutor Kath Harper said £42,000 was paid to the account of Alan Burns, from Dumbarton, and another £35,000 was in his brother’s account.

The Burns brothers admitted a number of drugs charges when they appeared at the High Court in Glasgow.

Not guilty pleas to possessing a police warrant card and body armour were accepted by the Crown.

Judge Lord Burns remanded them in custody and deferred sentencing until next month.

A source close to the case said: “There was no doing deals down lanes or handovers in car parks. It was like a running a website such as Amazon – only instead of DVDs and books, it was hard drugs.

“But they were found out and their enterprise went offline.”


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