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Wanted: Marijuana Consultant — Pays Up To $87,664 a Year, With Bennies

Washington State needs a pot expert, someone who can figure out how to implement all the many regulations and licensing requirements that legalizing marijuana will entail in the days ahead.

Needless to say, no one has ever before held this position.

marijuana jobs washington state consultantSince the ad was posted in late December by the Washington State Liquor Control Board (click here to read the full job description), some 80 people have submitted applications. Liquor Control Board spokesman Brian Smith told us yesterday that no date has yet been set as to when Human Resources will begin to weed out the field of marijuana consultant aspirants.

“Once that first crop of people are sorted out, a Board panel will begin interviews,” Smith said.

The Seattle Times reported last month that a major part of the pot consultant’s job, according to LCB director Pat Kohler, will be to gather input from key groups of police, farmers, users and others to help her staff better “understand the product and the industry itself.”

According to Smith, as KIRO-TV noted, the consultant is needed to determine how much pot is consumed in Washington, so the state can come up with a way of knowing how much should be grown and sold.

“We’re trying to get that sweet spot,” Smith said, “where we can get that right amount that is produced in Washington State to meet the market demand.”

It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it.

By Ellis E. Conklin

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