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Learn How To Grow Cannabis At The THC University Denver, Colorado

Both Washington and Colorado voted to legalize marijuana in November, but it will be at least a year before we see any legal marijuana shops. As of now, the recreation use part of the laws are in effect in both states, but limited home growing is only legal in Colorado. It is illegal to sell and grow more than 6 plants, so does that mean more people will be growing in their home?

Why wouldn’t they? Even Obama said “It would not make sense for us to see a top priority as going after recreational users in states that have determined that it’s legal.” So if the feds and states say recreational use is ok in Colorado, sounds like growing at home is the safest bet. Not only is it the safest, it’s the most economical. Imagine spending as little as $100, for commercially $1000+ amount of marijuana.

Growing at home is also a great hobby and you can perfect the craft, growing your favorite bud just the way you like it. Most smokers however don’t grow their own marijuana, mostly because they don’t know how, don’t have time, knowledge or space.

In reality, all you need is a space the size of a small closet, materials from the hardware store, and time. How much time depends, people trying to grow for their first time without any education or experience will suffer a lot of learning curves, burning the plants, too much, or not enough nutrients, php levels, etc… People who know what they are doing spend only a few minutes a day tending their plants.

So right now, for marijuana smokers in Colorado it’s tough, marijuana is legal, they can smoke in their homes, but they can’t buy it. For those wanting to grow it, there are options available to learn, like schools, yes, weed school. There are quite a few, most going in depth about the laws and how to start a medical dispensary. But what about the average smoker, wanting to grow marijuana of their own? There is a new program starting called THC University, where there will be classes to train everyday Coloradans how to successfully grow at home, and best of all, give you all the equipment needed to get started, except the plants, “although those may come soon” says co-founder of THCU Matt Jones.

He also said “The goal is to help Coloradans interested in growing marijuana, learn how to safely, and legally do so, in a fun, comforting and supportive environment”.

When asked where the classes will take place, “We want it to be in the best education setting as possible, so most likely class rooms rented out in colleges across Colorado. We plan on having weekly classes in Colorado Springs, Denver, Boulder, and Fort Collins”, said Freeman Lafleur, co-founder of THCU.

So far in Colorado, there are no immediate signs that every resident will have a marijuana plant in their home. Homedepot isn’t running out of gardening supplies due to the extreme demand, Xcel hasn’t had to complain about grow lights taking up energy on the grid, and there isn’t a haze of marijuana smell lingering across the state. No, not your average Coloradan will be growing marijuana, but for the smokers wanting to save money, never run out, and have lots of friends, growing at home is the best option.

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