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More states ponder legal marijuana as feds loom

The battle over the legal recreational use of marijuana heads to several more states, as officials in Colorado and Washington wait to see how the federal government will react to their new pro-pot laws.

For now, it seems like the next legalization efforts will be focused on New England.

usa flag marijuana american statesBut the issue over legalized pot has crept into relations between the United States and Mexico.

Voters in Washington state and Colorado approved referendums in November that would allow citizens to use small amounts of marijuana, sold by the state, under approved conditions.

The fight over legalized pot seems headed for a court showdown and touches on several constitutional issues.

The federal government has selectively enforced its rights under the Controlled Substances Act to bust up medical marijuana facilities in the 17 states that have legalized medical marijuana.

But the widespread enforcement of national marijuana laws is quite problematic financially for the federal government if it has to staff law enforcement efforts within Colorado and Washington.

By Scott Bomboy
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