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Driver gives police seed to find cannabis plantation

Police found a huge indoor cannabis plantation in Vienna-Leopoldstadt Monday after searching the apartment of a drug driver.

The Lower Austrian security directorate reported yesterday that motorway police had stopped a car in which two men, both 23, were riding at the Guntramsdorf rest area in Lower Austria’s Mödling district on the southern motorway (A2) on Monday.

The police found eight cannabis seedlings in the car. Their questioning of one of the men in Wiener Neustadt led them to suspect there might be more in his apartment in Vienna-Leopoldstadt.

The Vienna police searched it and found a completely-functioning cannabis plantation, another one in the basement of the building and dried cannabis paste and seeds in several bins.

 Police said they were unable to estimate exactly how much cannabis was in the apartment.

It was the second cannabis plantation found by the Vienna police in less than a week.

The Burgenland police apprehended an unemployed man last week who they said had had a total of 1,350 cannabis plants in a room in Vienna during the last six years.

The police arrested the man last Wednesday in Neusiedl am See. The Vienna police later found 75 cannabis plants and 35 grams of cannabis paste in a room he had rented in an apartment building in Vienna’s Floridsdorf district and disguised as a wash-kitchen.

The Vienna police suspect the man has sold 10 kilos of cannabis paste to city consumers of the product. The man is in jail in Vienna’s Josefstadt district.

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