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Charitable Cannabis Growers sent to Prison

I read with dismay that cannabis-growing couple Michael Foster and Susan Cooper who lived in Norwich, were sent to prison for three years for making money and giving it towards charitable work in Kenya.

Can anyone point us to the victims of their crime that the judge thinks so worthy of imprisonment?

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opressive british laws kenya cannabisWhy are our judges seemingly so blind to common sense and common Justice?

Cannabis could very easily be grown to feed and house the world, to heal many ailments through it’s oils and constituents, to be used in the production of cheap and environmentally safe and non-polluting fuels, used to make cloths, books, plastics … so many uses.

That a minority of vulnerable people claim to suffer through using strong cannabis at an early age is no reason to punish them or those that claim medical benefits or even those that use it simply for fun or relaxation.

The Government would not even consider a ban on alcohol, which although used sensibly by the majority of people, for some causes illness, addiction, violence and even premature death.  Alcohol appears to be the “drug of choice” to many MP’s – there are over 30 bars in the House of Commons!

Cannabis prohibition is an expensive failure for sure – costing taxpayers billions of pounds ever year just to punish people most of whom have done no harm.

Strange thing is – had this happened in The Netherlands there would probably have been no court case and no punishment – and those poor and needy people in Kenya that need help would still be getting the help from Michael Foster and Susan Cooper.

They should be released without delay.

Source: Cannabis Activist Alun Buffry

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