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Haarlem introduces Hallmark for coffeeshops on Jan 1, 2013, not the Weedpass

Yesterday, the Haarlem City Council and Mayor Bernt Schneiders have decided to introduce The Hallmark for coffeeshops on the day that other Cities will be forced to introduce the Weedpass, nameli January 1, 2013. This project found support from all political parties, including VVD and CDA, the parties responsible for the failing Weedpass project.

haarlem cannabis cafe coffee shopThe Hallmark will be awarded to all Haarlem coffeeshops, if and after they passed a special screening to check on eventual criminal activities around the coffeeshops (Bibob Law), this process is going already, it is expected all screenings will be done this year.

There is a special commission to oversee the criteria of the Haarlem Hallmark, consisting of representatives of the City of Haarlem, the National Health Service (GGD), the Drugspolicy Foundation, cannabis consumers organization We Smoke and Wernard Bruining, founder of Amsterdam’s first coffeeshop, Mellow Yellow.

There are no juidicial sanctions involved in the Hallmark, the Hallmark can be denied to a coffeeshop does not live up to the Hallmark criteria.

The Haarlem Hallmark also includes a new sanction system for the coffeeshops carrying the Hallmark, they will no longer be closed 6 months on a first offense. A sanction step-up plan is being worked out by the parties involved, this will also be activated on the day the Hallmark will be introduced.

Haarlem has no plans to introduce the Weedpass system on January 1, 2013.

By Nol van Schaik, secretary THC.
Source: Dutch Coffee shop News

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