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Bristol mayor candidate Craig Clarke fined for possession of cannabis

A prospective candidate for the position of Bristol mayor has been fined for possession of cannabis.

Independent candidate Craig Clarke was told to pay the £100 fine and an extra £100 at Bristol Crown Court after being caught with the drug on 5 May.

cannabis mayor bristol bud nuggetOutside the court Clarke claimed he used the drug for health reasons.

“I smoke marijuana in order to ensure my health is kept well – I have done for 20 years and I can’t see any reason that would change,” he said.

He added that he used the drug to control “severe migraines”.

“That day I happened to have some on me which was a big mistake and I wouldn’t recommend anybody carrying it in public,” he said.

Clarke previously said if elected he would cut down on council costs and cut the pay of senior officers.

But he is now considering withdrawing from the 15 November contest due to the large number of candidates.

He was also fined a £15 victim surcharge.


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