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Mayor of Haarlem: Alternative for disputed Weedpass is national scoop!

Haarlem – The City of Haarlem will introduce a special Hallmark for coffeeshops soon. Mayor Bernt Schneider foresees that this will make the disputed Weedpass fit for the trashcan. According to the Mayor, Haarlem scores a national scoop with the Hallmark.

haarlem coffeeshop mayor alternative weed passBy introducing the Hallmark, foresees the Mayor, any disorder around coffeeshops can be handled more effectively. It will also create more safety for the visitors buying softdrugs in the shops. Coffeeshopentrepreneurs will be held partially responsible to resolve any disorder. It is also the intention it will decrease the sales of softdrugs to minors. If and when a coffeeshopentrepreneur makes a mistake, and loses the Hallmark, his shop will be watched closely. An eventual sanction for an entrepreneur without the Hallmark may be more severe than it would be for a ‘straight’ colleague.

The Hallmark, an initiative of Mayor Schneiders, cannabis consumers organisation ‘We Smoke’ and association Team Haarlemse coffeeshops (THC) is meant as an alternative for the national Weedpass.

“The Weedpass, meant to be introduced in Haarlem next year, does not seem to have the intended effect. That is why a good alternative had to be found.

I am pleased that the Haarlem coffeeshopowners want to take the responsibility for the new Hallmark together with us.

By doing this, we will make the system funtion even better”, according to the Mayor of Haarlem, who had some major collissions with the local coffeeshopentrepreneurs in the past.

Entrepreneurs making a mistake, for example by having to much cannabis in stock, were severly punished by the Mayor.

“I am pretty much unforgiving. The coffeeshop closures we executed here in Haarlem were more severe than in the rest of the Netherlands. Inspite of this, we slowly but surely developed a better relationship, in which the entrepreneurs also understood that they would benefit from a better regulation.”

Team Haarlems’ Coffeeshopentrepreneurs is pleased (read: enchanted!) with the introduction of the Hallmark, responded Hein Schaffrat, board member of THC.

National Crimefighters are doing a Bibob investigation into the ins and outs of all 16 coffeeshops in the City. Only after this investigation shows they are free of any suspicion, they will qualify for the Hallmark.

By Carlo Nijveen. – Translation: Nol van Schaik, secretary THC.
Source: Dutch Coffeeshop News

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