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United dutch coffeeshop entrepreneurs start political campaign for SP and better policy

A growing number of coffeeshop, 140 at this moment, are going to organise a campaigners to try and get rid of the Weedpass. After the elimination of the Weedpass they will try to realize a complete and adult cannabis policy, together with a new, left orientated government. The coffeeshop entrepreneurs are going full throttle for de Socialist Party (SP), in order to get this party more representatives than the VVD, so the SP can form the coalition and put a Prime Minister forward.

dutch cannabus no weed pass

The SP, represented by MP Harry van Bommel, told us that the coffeeshops will be involved in the making of a new cannabis policy, in case the SP wins the elections. He stated this after addressing about 60 coffeeshop entrepreneurs and coffeeshop union representatives from all parts of the country. The coffeeshop entrepreneurs held a meetin about the Weedpass and the future of coffeeshops, van Bommel was there to explain the SP’s stance towards the current policy, and the changes they want to make in this failing policy once they get to power.

Harry van Bommel also made the following comment:“The SP does not consider coffeeshops as the problem,the SP considers coffeeshops the solution”!

harry van bommel socialist party

His statements, and the simple fact that only the SP will be able to get more representatives than the VVD, made the meeting decide to concentrate all their efforts to support the SP, in order to make sure we will not get another VVD/Rutte Cabinet, the coffeeshops would not survive 4 more years of right wing surpression. The SP wants to cancel the Weedpass, legalize the production and supply of cannabis for coffeeshops and wants to regulate the distribution of cannabis through licensed outlets, just like bars and cafes, be it in restricted numbers. The coffeeshops as such will continue to function, in the vision of the SP. The SP will also promote to allow coffeeshops in municipalities that do not have any coffeeshops. This will make it possible to effectively police and prosecute the street dealers in the whole country.

The actiongroup, that was set up after this meeting, has organized a campaign that will take off on August 18 in Maastricht, the City that has undergone severe damage by the introduction of the Weedpass. Marc Josemans, owner of Easy Going coffeeshop in Maastricht, and representative for the local coffeeshop union, VOCM, organizes a political meeting for all left orientated parties that day. They will all explain their stance towards cannabis and the future of the Dutch coffeeshops.

Josemans already has the press lined up for this event, so the campaign will get attention in all media, as we know Marc will attract a lot of cameras and reporters.

All participating coffeeshops contribute € 500,- to the campaign pot, we hope all 660 coffeeshops will do so. They will all get a promotion package, containing T-shirts for the staff, posters, flyers, lighters and filtertips, all promoting the SP.

no weed pass promo t shirts

A Policy group was formed as well, they are working out the course to get to the legalization of the supply to coffeeshops, preparing them selves to respond directly after the SP eventually wins the elections. The project will be made public during next week, so we make sure our intentions are clear before the elections.

The Action Group has arranged a king-size American schoolbus, with a huge screen on the roof and an area for visiting coffeeshop entrepreneurs. The bus will make stops in as many cities and towns as possible, intending to get a hold of all coffeeshop colleagues, and to make them join the campaign for the SP, full force.

We will also use a limousine for another approach, for places where the bus would be to big. The limo will stop in front of a coffeeshop, our promo-ladies will get out to enter the coffeeshop.

The limo will park nearby, in the meanwhile, the promo-ladies try to get the coffeehop owner to accompany them to the limo. The colleagues in the limo will inform the coffeeshop owner and ask him/her to join the campaign in action and cash.

no weedpass limo The bus and the limo will start their Political Promotion Tour after the event in Maastricht, where we will offer our opinion and views to get to legalization and regulation of the Dutch coffeeshop system to the ‘left’ parties.

Besides the bus, the limo and the promotion packages we plan to take our campaign to the highest level, we will rent a small airplane to carry our banner: “Weedpas? NO! Vote SP!”

We will repeat this as many times as our budget will let us, until the 12 September elections.

The buses journey of over 2300km can be seen on the map below.

Grotere kaart weergeven

The Dutch cannabis consumers union, We Smoke, is organizing the ‘Manifestation for Cannabis Acceptance’ on September 9, on the Dam in Amsterdam. Our campaigners and our vehicles will be present there too, we want to convince as many people as we can to vote SP.

Main infopage:  ‘Manifestatie voor Cannabis Acceptatie
Manifestatie on Facebook: Event-page & Group page

At the moment, polls show it is a neck to neck race between the VVD and the SP, our votes might just make the difference!

For more info about the ‘Political Promotion Tour’ of the united coffeeshops:

The Actiongroup.

If you need more information please contact the spokesman for this campaign,
Nol van Schaik : Mobile Nr.: +31628944112

Source: Coffeeshop News

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