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There was a drug bust on the north coast last month. Police harvested 200 cannabis plants and hauled them off to the Kempsey Police Station along with the grower, Tony Bower. But this was no ordinary drug bust.

mullways medical cannabis tony bowerNow medical cannabis supporters, patients, carers, and friends are heading to Kempsey from all across the country. A Convoy from Nimbin Hemp Embassy will depart at 10 am this Sunday (15th April) with travellers camping overnight at Mullaways headquarters. Individual cars will come from as far away as Brisbane and Sydney. Press from all around Australia will gather. Why? Because this was no ordinary drug bust and it involved no ordinary grower.

Tony Bower, who is scheduled to appear in Kempsey Court on the 16th is a 56 year old indigenous man who manufactures a liquid cannabis tincture and supplies around 300 people who depend on his medicine. People who are dying of cancer. People who are in excruciating agony. People who live with crippling and life threatening illness. To these people Tony Bower is a hero. He supplies medicinal cannabis for free when no one else will.

For over a decade, Tony has cultivated marijuana for medicinal use on a country property in northern New South Wales. He delivers his cannabis tincture to any ill person within two days drive of his home. For those in more remote areas, he sends bottles by post. He refuses to charge for his medicine and is not even reimbursed for the cost of production. He has applied to every government body possible and complied with every requirement known and still has not received a clear response. “I’ve explained to the government and the cops that I am Aboriginal and it is against my culture to refuse help or comfort to someone in need.”

Mullaways has reassured and reiterated that tincture production will still proceed and that patients will still be able to collect their tincture as per their previous times and methods and he will be attending MardiGrass in Nimbin as planned on May 5 and 6.

Mullaways will be challenging the legitimacy and conduct of the raid in Court.
“The provision of medical cannabis is an absolute necessity in any civilised society”, said Michael Balderstone, HEMP Embassy President. “That is what the Australia21 Drug Report clearly spelt out last week. Tony Bower is a recognised pioneer in this field and the Americans and Canadians have sought his expertise for years.”

Further info:

HEMP Embassy 0266891842/890326

Mullaways 0265661525

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