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Cannabis Law Group Obtains Dismissal of All Charges Filed Against Medical Marijuana Collective Operator

WEST COVINA, Calif., March 29, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Cannabis Law Group obtained a dismissal of two felony marijuana counts filed against a medical marijuana collective operator. The defendant was pulled over by the police while transporting medical marijuana for his collective. The collective operator attempted to show the arresting officers his paperwork evidencing his legal medical marijuana operation; however, the police arrested him and he was later prosecuted for transportation of marijuana and possession with intent to sell.

medical marijuana buds transportAttorney Randy Collins negotiated with the District Attorney’s office and informed them that the collective operator was following all state medical marijuana laws and would take nothing less than a dismissal of all charges. The Prosecutors initially refused, but the case was subsequently dismissed when attorneys for the collective operator appeared at the preliminary hearing with voluminous documents to show the collective was in compliance with state medical marijuana laws.

Attorneys for the collective also produced various witnesses who were prepared to testify on the collective’s behalf. Among these witnesses were a number of these seriously ill patients as well as managers of other charity groups to which the collective operator had donated money. The medical marijuana collective operator left the court with a full dismissal of all charges and was extremely satisfied with the outcome of this case.

Cannabis Law Group provides marijuana-related legal services, including criminal defense representation to the greater Southern California area. The firm also offers consultations and nonprofit incorporations to those who are interested in starting their own medical marijuana collective. You can reach Cannabis Law Group at 714-937-2050 or visit the law firm’s website at for more information. Attorney Damian Nassiri also maintains a medical marijuana legal blog at


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