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Police Claim Odour Of Cannabis Plants Causes Cancer

On Saturday the 3rd of March the Harborough Mail ran a story about a cannabis ‘factory’ being raided in Cottingham Village in England.  In the article they say ”Police are warning that when cannabis plants reach the final stages of maturity the odour they release has carcinogenic properties.” Source.  This is simply hysterical prohibitionist propaganda obviously setting out to further stigmatise cannabis users and growers in the UK.

nelson muntz laughs at policeToke of The Town’s Steve Elliott picked up on the story, this is what he had to say ”That’s complete horse shit, and anybody who’d believe it either hasn’t looked into the subject or is a damn fool… or likely both of the above, in the case of most police officers.

Those who have bothered to actually look into the topic before making fools of themselves in public — unlike the Corby Police force — know that cannabis has proven anti-cancer, tumor-shrinking qualities.

And just to set the record completely straight on the smell of cannabis, the terpenes, which are distinctive for marijuana’s distinctive odors, are in fact anti-cancer agents. Effects of terpenes when ingested include the anti-cancer properties of Limonene, one of the most abundant terpenes in cannabis.

Limonene is currently in trials, as a matter of fact, to study its ability to prevent breast cancer formation. It has also been investigated for its usefulness in reducing or eliminating antidepressant use.”

The fact is that cannabis extracts are actually curing cancer.  An American company are putting up pictures of cannabis shrinking and killing tumors as it happens. Read about it hereThere are hundreds if not thousands of people around the world curing cancer themselves with oil made from cannabis plants grown at home.  Just Google it and you will see for yourself.  While your at it Google ”Rick Simpson”.  You can also find loads of articles about it in our Medicinal Cannabis News and Information section here.

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