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From 9 to 16 March 2012, a Drug Peace Festival will take place during the annual meeting of the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs in the UN Vienna International Center.

The Festival is a spontaneous gathering of people who, along with millions of others throughout the world, want a profound change of drug policies. These policies should be based not on prohibition, but on public health, harm reduction, cost-benefit analysis and respect of human rights.

The organisers of the festival, united in the European Coalition of Citizens for Just and Effective Drug Policies, hold the UN and the governments of the world responsible for the daily misery produced by the war against drugs throughout the world. Since Adam and Eve, we know that prohibition does not work. The daily violence in societies such as Mexico or Afghanistan, the criminalisation of otherwise law obiding citizens, even most of the drug related health harm has nothing to do with drugs themselves, but with the fact that they are illegal.

More and more, citizens are developing their own alternatives to this failed policy, such as the Cannabis Social Clubs. In CSC’s collective cultivation takes place of user quantities for a collective of cannabis consumers who do not want to support criminal organisations, who wish to have a guaranteed product, and want to facilitate the access to a plant that has been used for thousands of years and which never killed anyone. Cannabis Social Clubs are operating in Spain and Belgium, and in preparation in several other countries.

Encods message to the UN is: Reset your policy, open up to the proposals of citizens who are involved in the drug phenomenon and who are working to make the situation better, while your policies make it worse.

Friday, March 9
10 – 12 am, Press Conference

Place: Cafe Landtmann (Dr. Karl Lueger-Ring 4, Wien)


1) Frederik Polak – Netherlands, Encod president

2) František Písařík – Czech Republic, Encod member

3) Dr. Kurt Blaas – Austria, Encod member

4) Enrico Fletzer – Italy, Encod member

5) Patrizia Moretti – Italy, mother of Federico Aldrovandi, a victim of the Italian drug war

6) Alessandrio Oria – Italy, ROTOTOM – Festival

7) Dennis Lahey – Netherlands, Encod member.

8) Boaz Wachtel – Israel, Encod member.


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