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Merseyside Man Fails to Defend His Right to Grow Own Medicine

A man from Merseyside was sentenced to 200 hours community service for the Cultivation of Cannabis last week, 14 February 2012, in a rather unusual case.  This wasn’t just a typical case under the Misuse of Drugs Act, it was in fact a very brave battle for human rights.

oppressive cananbis laws in the ukThomas Speed, 39 from Liverpool ‘grassed himself up’ to the police in order to instigate a legal battle to prove his right to grow his own medicinal cannabis.  Police officers seized 16 plants alleged to be worth £4000 to £8000 from his home in Bootle in June 2011, along with all the equipment used in the operation which was described as “small and unsophisticated.”

When asked to comment following his charge Speed said “I was exercising my constitutional right in growing and using Cannabis for personal medical use”

Typical cannabis cultivation cases on this small scale are usually dealt with at Magistrates court, however when he appeared for plea, Speed refused to plead either Guilty or Not Guilty, instead he very courageously ‘contested their Jurisdiction’.  The case was committed to Crown, Mr Speed defended himself in a total of six appearances in court.  He firstly submitted a counter claim against The Queen containing his ‘Claim of Right’ to grow and use Cannabis.  In his counter claim, Speed demanded they prove 2 points, and if proven, he would submit to their Jurisdiction.  Firstly “That I (we) don’t have the right to self determination, in law.”  And secondly “That Cannabis doesn’t give me relief & prevention of, my ailments.”

Despite Thomas Speed’s brave attempt at exerting his rights and subjugate our usurped constitution, he was unfortunately unsuccessful in winning over the jury.  Speed did however, during this legal wrangle, manage to have the charge reduced from Production to Cultivation.  This is a ‘twist in words’ being used more and more frequently in prosecution and seems to serve the purpose of being able to then apply the Proceeds of Crime Act and of course, harsher sentences, bigger fines.

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  1. It looks like he mistakenly wrote to the Queen presuming her to be the
    representative of the Crown(Admiralty), which she is not. There are two Crowns, the Queen who is simply a figurehead and the real Crown whose headquarters are ensconced within the square mile City of London.

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