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The Rise and Fall of the Medical Kush Beach Club

The Rise and Fall of Medical Kush Beach Club (working title) is a social commentary on the medical marijuana industry in its hey-day and its subsequent fall.  The film chronicles the experiences of Sean Cardillo (Kush) and his Medical Kush Beach Club, California’s largest (over 100,000 members) medical marijuana dispensary since its opening in Venice Beach 2006, while navigating through federal legislation, police raids, and the capricious medical marijuana industry.

The Rise and Fall of Medical Kush Beach Club highlights extraordinary, albeit unconventional, patient-caregiver relationships, high-status and celebrity supporters such as Tommy Chong and Rob Van Dam, and the peculiarities of owner Sean Kush.  Filmed over the course of five years, and including a combination of never-before-seen footage, news reports, and interviews, the documentary sheds light on the “highs” and lows of a high-profile medical marijuana dispensary.

When will the film be finished?

Our working deadline is June 2012, but depending on whether or not we reach our goal and the outcome of Sean Kush’s federal court case, we may not finish until, at the latest, August 2012. After sorting through over 1000 hours of content, our rough-cut is approximately two and a half hours long, and we’d like to see the film fit neatly into a ninety-minute package.  However, there are still important stories that need to be interviewed for and included in this work.

Wait, what court case?

In April 20, 2011 (very funny, officers), the medical board  and police raided the Medical Kush Dr. and the adjacent building the Medical Kush Beach Club, confiscating property and detaining Sean Kush under suspicion of operating a doctor’s office without a medical license, money laundering, and intent to distribute / sell marijuana. At the time no charges were filed and Sean was allowed to continue operation until closing in June 2011. On November 13th, 2011 he entered a plea of Not Guilty after being charged with eight felonies. Sean is currently fighting against these unlawful charges and we intend to film his court case all the way through to the end. For more information: www.kickstarter.com

The website: http://medicalkushbeachclub.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MedicalKushBeachClub
Twitter:  http://twitter.com/KushBeachClub

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