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How can you support the protest against the exclusion of foreign cannabis fans from Dutch coffeeshops?

The planned Weedpass System for Dutch cannabis coffeeshops is more than controversial, but no matter how many Mayors, City Councils, Coffeeshop Entrepreneurs and Drug Monitors object against this plan, Dutch Justice minister Ivo Opstelten is introducing the discriminative measures in a part of the Netherlands on May 1, 2012.

One of my friends, Peter Lunk, decided to organize a protest against the Weedpass System, as he relies on coffeeshops for his Mediweed, and does not want to be restricted to just 1 coffeeshop to buy his cannabis. This protest is scheduled for April 20, 2012 in Amsterdam City, a 4:20 Smoke Out against the discrimination included in the measurements of Opsteltens’ Weedpass System.

He launched a group on Facebook to announce the event and to get people to join in the actual protest, to explain the world what the consequences might be if this evil plan is executed. I will be there, and I hope many of my friends will join me, but I realise that a many people can not make it to Amsterdam that day, mostly because it will cost them a lot of money.

A lot of people, however, want to join in the protest, one way or another, asking me what they can do to show their disapproval and disgust of the Weedpass System.

One person mentioned tourists to Holland could leave a note in their hotel when they leave, stating they will not come back to Holland/Amsterdam if they are no longer allowed to visit the coffeeshops. I think that’s a good idea, but you’d still have to be in Holland to do so.

The Netherlands, like any civilized country, has Embassies in almost every country in the world, they represent the Netherlands and what the country stands for. If you want to stand up for the Dutch cannabis- and coffeeshopculture, and protest against the planned Dutch, discriminating Weedpass system, you could organize a protest in front of the Dutch Embassy in your country, and let your protest be heard there and in the Netherlands. Your support would be really appreciated, we need to show the world we are a force to be reackoned with. If the Weedpass System is introduced and executed, the coffeeshops will not survive, they will close and the successful Dutch Tolerance System will be declared a failure! That will sound through in the world, other countries will see a motivation to maintain a prohibionist system, even if they were about to loosen up cannabis laws.

We can not let this happen, support the anti Weedpass Protest, support the Dutch coffeeshops, save the Tolerance System!


Nol van Schaik, coffeeshop entrepreneur since 1991.

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