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Surfer Dude Finds Sacks of Marijuana Near Del Mar Beach

Sheriff’s deputies confiscated about 400 pounds of marijuana Wednesday near a Del Mar beach after a surfer found several bags of the drug and then encountered two men carrying another.

The surfer told deputies he found six burlap sacks about 4 a.m on the east side of the railroad tracks as he was walking to the beach along a trail at the end of 11th Street, sheriff’s Sgt. Jack Reynolds said.

As he continued to walk toward the water, he came across two men lugging a seventh sack and he asked what they were doing, Reynolds said.
The men said something in Spanish, dropped what they were carrying and ran. The surfer called deputies, who later found an eighth sack closer to the water, Reynolds said. The sacks were filled with 80 plastic-wrapped bundles of marijuana, Reynolds said.

Investigators believe someone used a boat to drop off the drugs. It is common for smugglers to drop off narcotics at a prearranged point and have someone waiting to pick it up, Reynolds said.

In June 2007, about 70 pounds of marijuana were found on the beach in roughly the same location.

Reynolds said he could not estimate the current street value of the Mexican-grade marijuana, but last year at this time it was selling for about $300 to $400 per pound.

The surfer was not able to give deputies a detailed description of the men because it was dark and foggy at the time.

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