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What are the consequences of the “Weedpass System” for Dutch coffeeshop customers?

The Weedpass, that never was and never will be available in a physical form, is invented and intended to be able to refuse foreign coffeeshop visitors from our coffeeshops and cities by Justice Minister Ivo Opstelten. If that will ever happen remains very much the question, but if and when the Weedpass System will be activated it will not only affect millions of foreign coffeeshoppers, who will be denied entrance to the 650 tolerated coffeeshops in the Netherlands. All Dutch coffeeshoppers will be denied entrance to 649 coffeeshops, some Dutch people will be refused in all 650!

nol van scahikThe Weedpass System also includes the rule that a Dutch citizen can only register in 1 coffeeshop, and only in that coffeeshop he/she can buy and eventually smoke cannabis. Besides this 1 coffeeshop policy for the Dutch, Minister Opstelten also decided that a coffeeshop, that has to change its business form to become a membersclub, can not register and host more than 2000 members.

That will not be a problem in Amsterdam, most of their customers are foreign tourists, and the capital has 220 tolerated cannabis outlets to turn to. For Hoofddorp, for example, it will mean a huge problem arises, this city with around 200.000 inhabitants only allows one coffeeshop to operate. The Hoofddorpers can at least turn to nearby Amsterdam to register in a coffeeshop, if the system allows registration in another city. For the Dutch coffeeshoppers living in one of the Netherlands’ 340 municipalities WITHOUT coffeeshops it is obvious, they have to buy from a street- or house dealer, they will be denied entrance to 650 coffeeshops, they get the same ‘treatment’ or restrictions as foreign cannabis tourists.

The sting is in the fact that every Dutch coffeeshopper has to register, as a drugs user, at 1 coffeeshop, in case he/she still wants to purchase cannabis from a reliable outlet. The data they supply can and will be abused by companies, employers and authorities, as the Dutch government is not capable to protect these against digital crime, like hacking.

A registration at a ‘cannabisclub’ turns a cannabis consumer in a known drugs user, we all know insurance companies, banks, employers, Police, the Justice Department and other public bodies do not want drugs users as clients or workers. A coffeeshop membership could in fact make you loose your drivers license, your job, your insurances, your mortgage and your home, only because you smoke a joint.

I think it is a good idea to hold a poll in Haarlem, together with my 15 colleagues, united in Team Haarlemse Coffeeshops (THC), in order to find out how many of our customers would register for membership at a cannabisclub. It might well be the coffeeshops will be completely empty after the introduction of the Weedpass System, meaning the coffeeshops are forced to close their doors all together. That, and that alone is the motivation behind the Weedpass System of Justice Minister Opstelten & Co., they know as well as I do that a coffeeshop with 6 customers can not stay open.

It is about time the Dutch coffeeshoppers become aware of the fact that they may all have to buy their cannabis on the street one day, because of Opstelten’s scheme, the coffeeshops will not survive this evil ‘adjustment’.

The introduction of the Weedpass will be on May 1, 2012, in three provinces in Hollands’ border area’s, the rest of the country should follow on Januari 1, 2013. There is a protest planned against the Weedpass System and the connected discrimination of both Dutch and foreign cannabis fans.
If you want to let our government know you do not want to be registered as a drugs user, and you do not wish to be discriminated in your own country by 649 or even 650 coffeeshops, join us on April 20, 2012 (4:20) on the Smoke Out in Amsterdam.

I will surely go there to contribute my voice and smoke, I fear for the worst!

Nol van Schaik, coffeeshop entrepreneur.

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