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Weed Pass Scrapped, Dutch ID Needed

Dutch minister of Justice and safety Opstelten originally announced that by January 1st 2012 the Dutch opium law would be changed, but the rules that coffeeshop owners and visitors have to abide by, have silently disappeared from the governments’ website.

dutch coffeeshop badge weedpassThe implementation of the physical weed pass has been put aside, but membership is required from the start of 2012. Clients have to identify themselves with I.D.-Card, Driverlicence or Passport.

Two New rules will be added to the current AHOJ-G rules (No advertising,No hard drugs,No nuisance to surrounding area,no sale to minors,no transactions above 5 grams).

The 1st rule being the ‘Private club’-criterion and the 2nd rule being the citizen-critter.

The ‘private club’-critter means that access to the coffeeshop can only be granted / sold to registered members of the ‘club’.

The citizen-criterion means that membership to the Private club is only available to citizens of the Netherlands above 18 years of age.

Proof of being a citizen of the Netherlands has to be provided to become a member of a coffeeshop private club by means of a extract of the municipality’s basic administration office of the city, this proof has to be less then 4 weeks old at the moment of registration.

How the municipalities are going to handle this procedure is unknown.

Any coffeeshop private club can have a maximum of 2000 registered members.

The member list has to be checkable and contain the name, postal code, city and birth date of the members.


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