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Cannafest November 25th – 27th 2011, Incheba Expo, Prague

Attracting a pleasantly high number of visitors and exhibitors from all around Europe and even the world, last year’s first edition of Cannafest turned out as a great success. Actually no wonder: Pursing a liberal drug policy and especially realizing more and more the benefits of cannabis products for medical usage, Czech Republic is the perfect place for an international hemp fair. Also, it represents a bridge between East and West Europe, a very interesting business aspect. Last but not least its capital Prague is a remarkable picturesque which additionally makes it worth a visit.

prague cannafest cz cannabis marijuana expoOf course the programme of Cannafest itself is spectacular. Located in the stylish facilities of the Incheba exposition grounds in Prague, the international fair represents all aspects of the plant hemp: Natural resources, growing, paraphernalia, art, media and institutions. This year, general sponsor Canna will present its famous solutions for growth and bloom on two special floors. There will be more exhibitors of up-to-date growth technologies in general, especially from the UK. Also, a number of popular seed banks have confirmed their appearance. So it’s not only an exciting place to discover new things but also a great opportunity to make new business contacts.

Another important aspect of Cannafest is its integrated conference with lots of lectures and panel discussions. The programme is not yet completed, but the main focus will be on the legalization of cannabis products for medical purposes, a new law to be enforced next year is currently elaborated by the Czech government. Beside these serious subjects, there is also a lot of fun stuff to do in the environment of the fair: Hemp cooking lessons, many workshops, fashion shows by Hemp Hoodland clothing and a cinema running 3 days. The Chill Out tent adds another cultural aspect to Cannafest that might turn into serious party when at the end of each day there will be live concerts. Finally Cannafest even stretches out into the famous nightlife of Prague, organizing several afterparties in clubs.

For most people from West Europe, Czech Republic appears to be really cheap while at the same time providing high standards. In co-operation with the prestigious travel agency Čedok, Cannafest offers discounted accommodation in various hotels close to the fair grounds. From budget prices to luxurious 5-star hotels quite everything is possible. Further information are available on the website.

Check out the video from the 2010 Cannafest below.

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