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Cannabis And The Fight Against Cancer

More and more research is being done on cannabis and it’s ability to fight cancer.  Here are some links to studies that have already been done and shown positive results.

cannabis cures cancer

Marijuana Compound May Stop Breast Cancer From Spreading, November 2007:,2933,312132,00.html

Marijuana May Fight Lung Tumors, April 2007:

THC May Fight Lung Cancer, April 2007:

Study Finds No Lung Cancer-Marijuana Connection, May 2006:

Cannabinoids Destroy Cancer, February 2004:

Cannabinoid Anti-Tumor Effect, July 2003:

Cannabinoid Treats Tumors, January 2002:

THC-Tumor Research Funding Cut, February 2001:

Pot Shrinks Tumors, June 2000:

THC Destroys Brain Cancers, May 2000:

Cannabinoid Research Around The World, July 1999:

US Federal Report Backs Medical Pot, May 1999:

THC for Tumors, March 1999:

Cannabis and Cancer Studies from

Cancer Research

How Pot Kills Cancer:

Israeli researcher develops cannabis compound with unique anti-cancer action:

Derivatives of cannabis for anti-cancer treatment win:

Cannabis extract makes brain tumors shrink:

Report Supressed That Marijuana Components Can Inhibit Cancer Growth:

Cancer Killer:

Pot Compounds Halt Spread Of Known Cancer Causing Virus, Study Says:

Marijuana Extract Fights Brain Cancer in Mice:

Cannabinoids as Anti-Cancer Agents:

Cannabinoids destroy cancer:

Cancer Specialist Explains How Cannabis Keeps Steve Kubby Alive:

Netherlands: Scientific Conference Hears Of Tumor Reducing:

Spain: Cannabis Found to Shrink Cancerous Brain Tumours:

Marijuana’s Active Ingredient Kills Leukemia Cells:

Israel: Cannabis against Cancer:

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