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Luxembourg minister: “cannabis could be good for us”

Dr Jean Colombera, Green party deputy, has begun a campaign to get cannabis legalised for use in medicine in Luxembourg after discovering that it can be used to treat tumours.

luxembourg medicinal cannabis marijuanaColombera, a well-known supporter of the use of the cannabis plant in medicine, said that he and his research team are able to prove that the hemp extract, derived from a type of non-active hemp grown in Luxembourg, can help to dissolve brain tumour cells.

The study is in its early stages but the Déi Gréng deputy said that it leaves the door open for the future successful treatment of tumours. “We still have a long way to go but, motivated by positive results, my research team is optimistic. Further experiments are now being made in a special laboratory in the Netherlands,” he said.

The doctor, who is funding much of the research himself, is now appealing for financial support from the community in order to continue the research. He has also started a petition to legalise cannabis for medicinal reasons in Luxembourg.

Dr Colombera made waves last year when it emerged that he had been prescribing cannabis in its plant form to treat patients of terminal and actute illnesses. The act, which is not permitted by law, led to him being questioned by police.

Since then, the minister has tirelessly campaigned to place pressure on the Luxembourg government to consider legalising the cannabis plant in order to further medicine and prevent suffering in patients.

He said: “The time has come and especially in Europe and the U.S. the signs are pointing towards cannabis decriminalisation and cannabis medication. Luxembourg has a significant role to play as a central hub with strong partners from Israel, California and Great Britain.

“The interest of the patient must be in the top priority. We must do everything we can. We need every assistance in financial, but also in idealistic form! Every Euro and every working hour of a volunteer is used to write socio-medical cannabis history in our country! The time for optimal development of cannabis in medicine is right now.”

You can make a donation to the cannabis research fund by transferring money to the following account: CCP LU 46 1111 3104 1414 0000 with the description “tumour experiments with Luxembourgish hemp“.

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