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The Dutch Weed Pass: Failure before introduction

The new Dutch government wants to introduce a Weedpass for coffeeshops, for Dutch citizens only, in order to exclude foreigners from buying cannabis.

The reason for this project is to stop the cannabis tourism to the Dutch cities in the border areas near Belgium and Germany.
Justice Minister Opstelten wants to introduce the Weedpass fast and first in the border cities, the rest of the country will follow, he wants to introduce the Weedpass ‘nationwide’.

nol van schaik cannabisNationwide introduction of the Weedpass is impossible, because only 101 of Hollands’ 441 municipalities allow coffeeshops, the smokers in the 340 vilaages and towns without coffeeshops buy on the black market for decades now. The Weedpass will be for local use only, so the smokers from municipalities without coffeeshops will not be able to apply for the Weedpass, they will keep buying from streetdealers, for them, and their suppliers, nothing will change.

The only solution to get rid of the cannabis tourism in our border areas would be the introdution of cannabis outlets in Germany, Belgium, France and the UK, so they do not have to come to Dutch coffeeshops any longer. This is not a stupid proposal, and it is no longer forbidden in European politics:…d=7&id=1195#1195

My guess is the EU came out with this news because of the hype around the Weedpass, and the verdict of the European Court, allowing the Dutch Weedpass technically, because drugs, including cannabis, are considered illegal in Eu contries.…;catid=7&id=1233

I think this ruling is made by looking at EU countries in general, but the Netherlanders have a right to use drugs in their country, by exercising their ‘ right to a rush’ (RECHT OP ROES), allowing an individual to use any substance he/she chooses to explore.
The Schengen agreement states that every EU citizen has the same rights as the citizens of the EU country he/she is visiting, named as free trafficbetween EU countries and the free exchange of goods and knowledge between these countries.

If any Dutch person has the ‘right to a rush’, how can we deny our co-Eu citizens this right?
I bet the EU Court never even heard of this right. In Holland it is allowed to use drugs, it is illegal to sell drugs, except for the 666 tolerated cannabis coffeeshops.

The hype around the Weedpass will soon come to an end, the City Council of Maastricht, the City that was supposed to run a Weedpass pilot, rejects the Weedpass as such by minority, and will change the Local Law in order to make it impossible to introduce the Weedpass in Maastricht, ever. This means the Weedpass will pass the weed, because it will only work if all border cities introduce it, without Maastricht it makes no sense at all, all tourists would go there…
This would mean the end of a stupid scheme, because the rest of Dutch Cities with coffeeshops will not introduce the Weedpass, as most of them, like Amsterdam, did not want the pass in the first place.

I say. let the weed pass, from the Dutch coffeeshops to those who want it, from whereever they are.
I call upon the German, French and Belgium cannabis affecionados to try to open their own cannabis outlets, the EU will let you do it!

Nol van Schaik, coffeeshop entrepreneur, Haarlem, the Netherlands.