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Cannabis Oil Seized in the Maldives

Customs arrests expatriate who tried to smuggle more than Rf200,000 worth of drugs

An expatriate man who tried to smuggle more than Rf200,000 worth of drugs into the country via air was arrested by the Maldives Customs Service on Wednesday.

At a news conference organized by Customs on Thursday, the Superintendent of the Intelligence Investigation Division of Customs, Mariyam Nihaayath, said that the Indian man, Sharafuddin Ibrahim Pillai, had arrived on a “Maldivian” flight from Trivandrum.

“We became suspicious of Sharafuddin and checked him,” Nihaayath said. “When we X-Rayed the thermal cooker he had brought we found that there was something extra in it.”

She said that a polythene bag filled with an oily black substance was found hidden inside the cooker.

When Customs officials tested the contents of the polythene bag they found it was ‘hashish oil’ and weighed 1.30kg. According to Sharafuddin’s passport records he had visited Maldives on two previous occasions, in 1997 and 2000, Customs said.

Nihaayath said that this was the largest amount of hashish oil that had been found being smuggled by one person so far by the Maldives Customs Services. She further said that Police had launched an investigation to see if there were any others connected to the incident and had arrested one other person so far. However, no other information about the case was revealed as the case was still under investigation.

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