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Senate Quietly Passes Bill S-10 and Mandatory Minimums For Marijuana

CANNABIS CULTURE – The Senate of Canada has passed Bill S-10, which includes mandatory minimum sentences for marijuana offences. No this is not a drill. The bill will now move to the House of Commons for voting before it can become law.

stop Bill S-10 cannabis marijuanaThe Conservative-controlled Senate passed the bill on December 13 with barely a peep from the opposition Liberals or the press; an underwhelming response considering the implications for Canadians if the bill passes the House of Commons and becomes law.

If passed, S-10 will bring mandatory minimum jail sentences for marijuana offences to Canada for the first time – including six months for growing as few as five marijuana plants and 18 months for extracting hash or making pot edibles and sharing them. This means medical marijuana users who make pot cookies would be at risk of arrest, as there is no protection of this activity by current medical marijuana laws.

Some of the mandatory sentences increase to two years for growing or dealing near a school or park, and even more time with other ‘aggravating factors’.

The bill even includes life sentences for non-violent marijuana crimes.

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