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EU holds breakthrough discussions on cannabis

The EU has said that it will not block any possible Member State initiative to move towards legalizing cannabis or other previously illegal plants.

europe cannabis encod irelandThe move has already been heralded by cannabis supporters as as major turning point in the Union’s legal stance on the plant.

An LCI Cork representative told Cork Student News that the event had been “almost completely ignored” by mainstream media, but said that it portended real hope for the future:

“Legalise Cannabis Ireland’s efforts have been reiterated today in the EU parliament. Finally, common sense has prevailed as personal cannabis consumption moves away from law enforcement,” he said

“Prohibition has failed, particularly in it’s main efforts to combat drug use and supply. ENCOD estimate this as a €50bn industry. This leaves one staggering prospect. Could we take this multi billion industry away from criminals and simultaneously be-rid the state of the IMF? Two birds, one stoned.”

The hearing was organised by Member of European Parliament Michael Tremopoulos (Greens, Greece) and ENCOD, a coalition of citizens for drug policy reform, and saw contributions from several noted cannabis activists.

The pro-cannabis movement called on the European Commission at the meeting to evaluate the costs of drug prohibition in terms of public spending and the benefits that alternative policies could generate, and urged member states’ leaders to consider legalizing the drug.

By Cork Student News

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