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Professor Marijuana Offers NM Free Pot Education

Dana K May aka Professor Marijuana offers to educate NM and the Institute for Natural Medicine, the states sole provider of medical marijuana, on the science of cannabis cultivation free of charge.

professor of marijuana dana mayMr. May, a Certified Litigation Expert Witness and regarded as one of the leading authorities on marijuana cultivation was shocked to learn NM ran out of medicine for the medical marijuana community. “If the state ran out of insulin there would be uproar, why is cannabis any different?” asked May

The Professor should know he has been on Colorado’s Medical Marijuana Registry for almost ten years. He is also the first person in US history to have marijuana growing equipment returned by the Federal Government after he was raided by the DEA in 2004.

“95 plants aren’t even close to the number of plants needed to supply 395 patients with the medicine they need” say May. In his 42 years of experience cultivating cannabis he has grown everyway cannabis can be grown and says NM is “Old School, and needs to catch up to modern cultivating techniques.”

“To insure a consistent, safe, supply of medical grade cannabis you need to grow many more plants much faster.” Stated May “With a limit of 95 plants it is necessary to spend several months to grow very large plants. Today we grow many more small plants in weeks, not months.” Says May

May said “if you’re going to limit the patient’s ability to rely on a caregiver for their medicine you need to make sure you can adequately provide the medication they need.” The Federal Governments own studies show patients may need as much as 9 grams a day, multiplied by 395 patients means the state needs to produce nearly 8 pounds of cannabis each day.” Proficient growers would be lucky to produce a pound of medical grade cannabis from a single plant that takes 5 to 6 months to grow; it’s easy to see that 95 plants is nowhere near the amount needed.”

Professor Marijuana said he is more than willing to offer his insight “free of charge” if asked. “The medical marijuana laws across the country are fraught with sections that make no sense. It requires the expertise of people that live and breathe the issues on a daily basis” May said.

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