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THTC – The Hemp Trading Company Eco Friendly Hemp Clothing

Founded in 1999, THTC- The Hemp Trading Company – is an ethically driven underground clothing label, specialising in eco-friendly, politically-conscious hemp street wear.

thtc clothing the hemp trading company

What makes THTC different?

•    The mainstay of all THTC garments is organically grown hemp/cotton. Due to the prohibitive cost of hemp, garments are currently manufactured in 100% organic cotton in accordance with the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), produced from Indian Cotton, and certified by the Control Union and Soil Association Certifications.

•    Our organic cotton also has a 90% reduced carbon footprint according to the BSI PAS2050 and is certified by the Carbon Trust and Fair Wear Foundation for Ethical Trade and Justice for Workers

•    All garments are produced under fair conditions in China, paying employees well over the national minimum wage for their country, as well as ensuring the presence of strong labour unions, health care and pension schemes.

•    THTC design and marketing is not only stylish but also politically conscious, delivering messages that encourage the consumer to consider and question their environment and global issues.

•    THTC ethics demand that credibility will never be compromised in the name of revenue.

•    THTC intends to be at the forefront of driving hemp into the realm of credible, urban street wear, via a dynamic brand strategy, select cross-branding and strategic alliances that capitalise on the mood of a disenchanted youth.

•    THTC is one of the pioneers in eco-fashion and has since inspired many other labels to look into eco and ethical production. In the last year THTC has been approached by both Maharishi and denim wear market leaders Lee Cooper, with a view of working on co-branded garments.

•    THTC uses water-based and soil association certified inks for screen printed designs instead of the more traditional, though highly polluting plastic-based inks.

•    THTC uses recycled and sustainable materials for their flyers, swing tickets and catalogues wherever possible.

•    THTC produces merchandise for many bands, magazines, club nights and other ventures that want to make a difference. In most cases these customers are not typically ecologically minded businesses but have seen the value in environmentally conscious merchandise.

•    The organic cotton used in THTC garments comes from Turkey and India, and the hemp is sourced from hundreds of family farms in China. Due to the shear number of farms from which the hemp is sourced it is not possible for it to be certified as organic, though hemp thrives without the use of pesticides and chemicals.

•    THTC looks to promote the benefits of hemp farming and, unlike most hemp companies does not look to promote cannabis smoking.

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