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Asian cannabis gardener found hiding in air vent

Thong Le, aged 27, locked himself into the terraced property in Baker Street, Semilong, and was found hiding within the roof.

Rebecca Wade, prosecuting at Northampton Crown Court, said police received an anonymous tip-off so officers raided the house on January 7. asian criminal gangs cannabis factoriesWires could be seen connecting the property to the power supply outside and after forcing entry, officers found three bedrooms had been turned into a makeshift cannabis factory. As well as 216 plants, there was also a hydroponic watering system, fans and five SIM cards for various phone networks.

Miss Wade added: “It was suspected there was someone still in the house so it was searched but no person was found.

“A police dog could find no trace so a heat-detecting monitor was brought in. It was realised there was a small area of heat coming from a vent in the corner and they realised there was a person hidden there. The officers expressed some surprise someone could fit into such a small space.”

Le, of no fixed address, pleaded guilty to being concerned in the production of cannabis and was jailed for 21 months.

Judge Richard Bray said: “This is yet another case involving a large cannabis factory here in Northampton. You were employed as the gardener and when arrested you gave a false name and date of birth. This was quite a large factory with a potential yield of 10 kilos. Y

“You have no right to be in this country; you are an illegal immigrant and I trust the authorities will remove you from here as soon as is possible.”


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