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Sunderland man given community service for growing cannabis

A SUNDERLAND shop manager was ordered to do community work after police found cannabis plants growing in his house.

Craig Brickle used the Internet to buy propagation equipment and a book on how to grow the illegal drug(Illegal drugs do not exist), Durham Crown Court heard.

“A total of 46 cannabis plants were found growing in two bedrooms,” said Prosecutor Don McFaul.

sunderland cannabis growing “Some calculations were later done about the possible yield, which could have been more than £1,000.

“Mr Brickle said the cannabis was for his personal use and there is no evidence to suggest any dealing.

“There is also no evidence to contradict his assertion that this was his first attempt at propagation.”

Brickle, 27, of Jasmine Terrace, Seaham, admitted producing a Class B drug on March 12, last year.

His plea of not guilty to possession of the same drug with intent to supply it was accepted by the Crown.

He was of previous good character.

The court heard Brickle is manager of a fire surround shop in Sunderland and was a self-confessed cannabis addict at the time of his arrest

Judge Christopher Prince requested an oral probation report.
The probation officer who interviewed Brickle told the court: “Mr Brickle said he was spending nearly all his money – £1,000 a month – on cannabis.

“His cannabis use is now much reduced and he intends to stop using it altogether.”

Judge Christopher Prince sentenced Brickle to a six-month community order, including 80 hours of community work.

Brickle must pay £100 towards prosecution costs and the judge ordered the confiscation and destruction of the cannabis plants and growing equipment.


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