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Marijuana Radio Podcast

Marijuana Radio is a Podcast dedicated to our favorite herb. From political issues to product reviews to ganja tasting to naked women smokers, they cover everything weed.


Marijuana radio is hosted by McKenna A recent broadcast news graduate who is the amazing host and mckenna host producer of marijuana radioproducer of Marijuana Radio.  While currently undergoing her application process for the medical marijuana patient card, she educates listeners about cannabis with her fresh, witty, and intelligent perspective. Experience in broadcasting, modeling and activism make her the perfect choice to host a show listened to by tens of thousands of cannabis culture enthusiasts.

Dank, recent college graduate and professional comedian, cohosts the program and brings a singular wackiness and energy to discussions on the show each week. His entertaining humor is a valuable balance for the show’s listeners. He’ll never fail to make you smile.

Founder of Kuzz Media, LLC, and currently producing Marijuana Radio media, Paul the Producer enjoys the creative freedom of podcasting to bring truly free speech radio shows to tens of thousands of listeners all around the world. Paul’s passion is promotional media creation used to help legalize marijuana for medical patients, and recreational use by adults. His personal motto is ‘live free and be free.’

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