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Marijuana Recommended For Specific Pain-Related Conditions: US researchers

U. S. researchers at the University of California’s Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research asserted that required evidences for medicinal use of marijuana are available as it may prove helpful in treatment of particular pain-related medical conditions, muscle spasms relating multiple sclerosis and certain neurological conditions.

Scientific clinical trials have been completed by now to support the finding with more to be studied. This report was released on Wednesday following the findings of U. S. clinical experiments in almost 20 years conducted on medical effectiveness of marijuana.

Dr. Igor Grant of the University of California, San Diego, and School of Medicine stated, “We focused on illnesses where current medical treatment does not provide adequate relief or coverage of symptoms. These findings provide a strong, science-based context in which policymakers and the public can begin discussing the place of cannabis in medical care”.

This five state-funded study was basically carried out in Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research at

UC San Diego which was created after California voters passed a law approving marijuana for medical use and 10 years after the state Legislature passed a law regarding the same.

Dale Gieringer, Executive Director of the California branch of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws said, “This is finally the evidence that shows that the U. S. Drug Enforcement Administration) stance that marijuana does not have medical use is just wrong. It’s time for the Obama administration to act”.

Source: http://topnews.us/content/211363-marijuana-recommended-specific-pain-related-conditions-us-researchers

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