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Towy Valley cannabis smoker fined for growing

A LONG-term Towy Valley pot smoker has received a rap across the knuckles despite growing cannabis for more than 20 years.

Steven John Adams, of Y Bwthyn in Myddfai, admitted cultivating 36 plants when police visited his home on January 28.

Ammanford magistrates heard how police went to Adams’ home on an unrelated, non-criminal matter but noted the smell of cannabis while speaking to him.

When the officer asked about the odour, Adams said, “it is just a bit of cannabis” and produced two bags containing 29 grammes of herbal cannabis.

Prosecutor Lesley Harborn said officers also found a growing tent containing 12 two-foot plants and 24 seedlings in a downstairs bedroom.

Mrs Harborn said police accepted the drugs were for personal use.

In mitigation, David Williams described Adams, 59, as “quiet and peaceable”.

“The police asked if he had cannabis in the house, and he said ‘yes’,” said Mr Williams.

The court heard how Adams had been diagnosed with depression and arthritis for more than 15 years, but refused to take prescribed medication for either condition.

“He is not banging the drum about the medicinal properties of cannabis,” said Mr Williams. “He has just taken a personal decision because of the adverse side effects he has experienced with prescribed medicines and more compellingly what members of his family have experienced.”

Mr Williams added that Adams – who has convictions for cannabis cultivation dating back to 1991 – conceded “he has been doing this for quite some time”.

Magistrates told Adams that community supervision would be of no benefit to him or the taxpayer.

“I am not going to call this a drug problem because it is not, but it is illegal,” said magistrate Jackie Kindrick.

“There are people far more in need of community help than Mr Adams and such a sentence would only take up time that would be better used and more appropriate for them.”

Magistrates fined Adams £115 and ordered he pay £85 costs and a £15 legal surcharge.

Source: http://www.southwalesguardian.co.uk/news/5012073.___Quiet_and_peaceable____pot_smoker_fined/

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