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Man grew cannabis to help beat speed addiction

A SCARBOROUGH amphetamine addict whose secret cannabis haul was discovered in a “lucky find” has been given a nine-month supervision order.

Paul Fisher, 24, of Sandringham Street, was caught by police who found six cannabis plants when they attended his home following a mysterious 999 call.

Scarborough magistrates heard Fisher had cultivated the plants as a way of dealing with his homegrown cannabis thc trichiomesamphetamine addiction and that he had not intended to sell cannabis.

Fisher admitted cultivating cannabis.

Steve Ovenden, prosecuting, said: “It was very unusual as to how the cannabis came to be discovered as police officers only went to his home because there was a silent 999 call made from the property.

“Police never got to the bottom of who made that call, but when they knocked on his door they were greeted with a smell of cannabis, which was something of a lucky find for them.

“It was quite an amateurish set-up and there was no suggestion of cultivation for sale and after showing remorse, he told police he wanted to stop and get help for his drug problem.”

Fisher, who represented himself, told the court he became hooked on cannabis because it suppressed his reliance on amphetamines.

He said: “I am addicted to amphetamines and after being up on a night I saw how to grow it on Youtube and bought some cuttings.

“I know I have to start on my addiction and if I had some cannabis then it stopped me wanting the amphetamines, but I know I have to get the amphetamines out of my life and this has been a big wake-up call. ”

Chairman of the bench Angela Fawcett said: “The growing of cannabis is a serious offence. However, we are satisfied it was for your own personal use and appreciate you have problems with your addiction.”

After handing Fisher the supervision order, magistrates also told him he must take part in a six month drug rehabilitation requirement, ordered the destruction of the plants and made him pay £85 costs.


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