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Dad’s ashes missing after police raid

TWO British brothers fear police seized and then lost an urn containing their father’s ashes in a home drugs raid, it emerged today.

Police searched Luke and Sam Morrison’s home in Bournemouth, southern England, two months ago, removing items they suspected were used to grow cannabis.

The brothers were not present at the time of the raid but noticed afterwards that a plastic urn containing victim of drug warthe ashes of their father, who died of a heart attack four years previously, was missing.

“My brother signed something to say they (the police) could destroy what they say is cannabis cultivating equipment,” Luke Morrison, 27, told the Bournemouth Echo.

“It’s ridiculous that they should take something out of a box labelled ‘the remains of Hugh Morrison.’ I presume they thought they were nutrients.”

A police spokesman said: “We have been in contact with Mr. Morrison and the force is sympathetic to the situation regarding the whereabouts of his late father’s ashes.

“We are making further inquiries to establish the whereabouts of the ashes and will ensure that Mr. Morrison is kept updated.”


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