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Man who uses cannabis to treat Multiple Sclerosis will appeal court ruling

FORT PIERCE — A patient who said he uses cannabis to treat Multiple Sclerosis will appeal a ruling by a St. Lucie County Circuit Court Judge, where he was found guilty on drug charges.

Police discovered 6 grams of cannabis on Angel Luis Hernandez during a traffic stop May 5. Hernandez said he uses the drug to treat Multiple Sclerosis. But he was found guilty at trial.

Hernandez, of West Palm Beach, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2000 when he was 22. He said he tried several treatments, but had adverse effects. In 2003, his attorney said, he began the using cannabis to combat his ailments. In 2005, his health declined so severely he was taken off all medications, according to his attorney. Since then, he has relied solely on cannabis to treat his symptoms.


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