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Oakland superstore IGrow opens to assist marijuana cultivation

A 15, 000 square foot facility known as IGrow that targets medical marijuana home growers opened in Oakland on Thursday. The event had two city council members for a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

IGrow is a one-stop shop near the Oakland International Airport that would offer an array of services for creating indoor cannabis gardens to medical marijuana patients.

At the store there are indoor grow lights, water and electrical systems, pot pipes and bongs, and a selection of potting soils used for growing the best crops.

Apart from this to give advice to set up an indoor pot growing operation there would be a Grow Squad.

The Pot Doc or a doctor will inspect patients and if they qualify will issue a state cannabis card. This card will allow people to possess pot legally in California.

Dhar Mann, Oakland entrepreneur and founder, said, “My store is receiving strong support in the community.”

The Compassionate Use Act was passed by voters in 1996, Proposition 215, and it allows patients to posses and grow marijuana for medical reasons if a person has a valid doctor’s reference and ID card issued by state.

By Anjali Singh
Source: http://topnews.us/content/210454-igrow-opens-assist-marijuana-cultivation

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