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Sicknote release single to help the ‘Glastonbury of the North’

Cardiff based post-new-rave combo, Sicknote have remixed and re-released the classic Phone In Sick to celebrate Phone In Sick Day next week, and are donating every penny to Andy Norman and Thimbleberry Music Festival in County Durham.

Andy Norman, the organiser of the Thimbleberry Music Festival, known as the ‘Glastonbury of the andy norman Thimbleberry Music FestivalNorth’, has been charged with permitting the smoking of a class B drug on his premises. Officers arrested him shortly after the three-day festival at the end of September last year.

The charge is being brought under Section 8 of the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971. An amendment to this Act passed by the Government in 2001 made it a criminal offence for people to knowingly allow premises they own, manage, or have responsibility for, to be used by any other person for the administration or use of any controlled drugs.

We at Welsh Icons, do not condone the use of illegal drugs, but wonder how someone can be held responsible for the acts of others on such a large area of land. For instance if someone was found to be smoking a joint on a beach belonging to the Crown Estate, would the Queen be liable? The key word would appear to be ‘knowingly’. Yes we know that some people use drugs at festivals and others ’skin up’ on beaches. This case has major implications for the many festivals that take place throughout the country every year.

Andy Norman appeared in court on Friday 11th December 2009 did not enter a plea. He is due back in court on the 5th February 2010 to face committal to Crown Court.

We have been told that the takings for last year’s festival have been confiscated and as a result, this year’s festival has been cancelled.

Sicknote said:

“The future of all small, independent festivals could be jeopardised if Andy Norman is prosecuted.

“The single is released today, Monday 11th January 2010. Show your support people, and give us 0.79p and you’ll be helping Andy out and you’ll be getting brand new Sicknote song!”

The single is available from:





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