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Lottery winners son charged with possessing cannabis with intent to supply

THE son of a £14million Lotto winner has been charged with drug dealing after cops are alleged to have found large amounts of cannabis at his home.

cannabis joint Christopher Graham, 36, appeared made for life when stepdad Bob Frazer, 58, gave him £1million after scooping the jackpot in April 2003.

But he is now facing jail after a raid on the large detached house he bought with his windfall.

Graham, of Heaton, Newcastle, has been charged with possessing cannabis with intent to supply. He has appeared before Newcastle JPs. The case was adjourned until the New Year.

Former taxi driver Bob’s daughter Wendy had her life ruined after blowing her £1million share.

She told The Sun in 2005 how she went on a year-long party spending £400,000 on cocaine, booze and gambling, £50,000 on jewellery, £15,000 on romps with high-class male escorts, £10,000 on a 50inch plasma TV and £10,000 on quad bikes.

She split from her boyfriend and was left in debt – £1,200 overdrawn with £15,000 owing on credit cards.

Wendy, 30, said at the time: “The money has been a curse. Someone said to me I’d never spend it all – well you should never dare a fool. I regret most of it – but the gigolos were good.

“After all, these guys are there to please you.”

Graham refused to comment.


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