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59% say medical marijuana is a ‘good idea’ according Quinnipiac University poll

Philadelphia- A majority of Pennsylvanians favor medical marijuana according to a new Quinnipiac University poll released yesterday. Specifically asked about the current legislation, this is the strongest indicator yet of the tremendous popular support for safe, therapeutic cannabis access here in PA.

The greatest support came from Democrats with 67% in favor and from residents of the Northeast portion of PA who supported the issue at the level of 72%.

Republicans were more evenly divided on the question 49% positive and 47% not.

Women strongly supported medical marijuana at 57% ‘good idea’ and just 36% saying ‘bad idea.’

Nearly even support, around 60% saying ‘good idea’ to the concept of a state authorized cannabis program, was found among all age groups 18 to 55+ and all income levels.

The medical marijuana question was the last one posed to voters during the lengthy poll that mostly dealt with the PA gubernatorial candidates.

Comparatively medical marijuana is more positively favored by every single category of PA voter than any of the candidates. Therapeutic cannabis also received significantly greater favorable poll support than Governor Rendell, Attorney General Tom Corbett or the overall job of the PA legislature.

It is interesting to note that is such divisive political times few issues receive such broad popular support as the concept of state authorized medical marijuana.

Asked ‘how satisfied are you with the way things are going in Pennsylvania today’ the totals were equal ‘Smmwt Satisfied’ 38%, ‘Smmwt Dissatisfied’ 38%.

Pennsylvanians for Medical Marijuana recently participated in the historic first hearings on HB 1393. The bill would legalize medical marijuana access in PA and create Compassion Centers for cannabis to be sold, with a tax, to authorized patients.

By Chris Goldstein

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