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Republican anti drugs group says it planted pipe bombs

A GROUP calling itself Republican Action Against Drugs has said it planted five pipe bombs in Londonderry in what the group described as a “series of co-ordinated attacks”.

Two of the devices were thrown into cars in the Creggan area on Sunday night and failed to detonate while a car in the Buncrana Road area was targeted by another two devices. The fifth device was left behind a house in the Bogside area.

In a statement to the Derry Journal, RAAD said: “Five explosive devices were deployed, with three devices fuck all paramilatry scum fap northern ireland detonating successfully. Two devices used in the Creggan area failed to detonate.”

The police and army bomb disposal experts were at the scene in Creggan, but a PSNI spokesperson said they weren’t aware of any explosions or any other devices being found elsewhere in the city.

After the discovery of the devices in Iniscarn Crescent and Circular Road in Creggan shortly before 8.30pm, the PSNI were attacked at the scene by a crowd of up to 40 young people throwing stones and bottles.

Several petrol bombs were also thrown during the disturbances.

The devices were removed for further examination. The security alert there ended at 5am.

PSNI chief superintendent Steven Martin described the devices found in Creggan as “viable” and said lives had been put at risk.

The RAAD statement also warned members of the public not to challenge its members.

“RAAD also wishes to advise individuals not to challenge our activists while on active service as innocent people could well get hurt.”

Meanwhile, RAAD also warned shopkeepers in the city centre not to stock so-called ‘legal high’ products and “drug-related paraphernalia.”

The group warned that such products can lead to harder drug use.

“We have spoken to young people who actually take these products which have resulted in nose bleeds, headaches and dizziness.

“RAAD has interviewed two individuals who purchased cannabis seeds, heat lamps and hydroponics and successfully grew the seeds in a drugs factory. The money was then used to move into the cocaine business. This will not be tolerated,” the statement said.

It’s also emerged that one of the cars targeted by RAAD in the Creggan area of the city belonged to a man the organisation shot five times in the legs last month.

Following Sunday’s attack, Tony Dalzell senior removed the pipe bomb from his son’s car, unaware of the danger.

Mr Dalzell told The Journal: “I thought it was a stone. It was in the driver’s seat having been thrown through the back windscreen. I then realised it wasn’t a stone. I saw the fuse and realised what it was.”

Mr Dalzell then placed the bomb on a nearby wall and called the police.

The family were evacuated and were only able to return home at 7.30am the following morning.

They denied the RAAD allegation that the shooting victim was involved in the drugs’ trade.


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