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Alanis Morissette talks about cannabis

ALANIS MORISSETTE has opened up about her love of marijuana, insisting the drug helps in her songwriting process.

The Ironic hitmaker has spoken about her cannabis use in a candid interview with High Times magazine, which is accompanied by a photo shoot taken in a marijuana garden in California.
Morissette admits the plant is useful in unlocking her creative potential.

She tells the publication, “I’m all about moderation – as best I can be. As an artist, there’s a sweet jump-starting quality to it (marijuana) for me. I’ve often felt telepathic and receptive to inexplicable messages my whole life. I can stave those off when I’m not high. When I’m high – well, they come in and there’s less of a veil, so to speak. So if ever I need some clarity… or a quantum leap in terms of writing something, it’s a quick way for me to get to it.

“I have a lot of friends who have wanted to specifically quit smoking marijuana because they felt that it was having a negative effect on their lives, and I absolutely supported them doing so. Then I have other friends who I’ve coerced into smoking because I thought it would be great for them.”

Morissette credits boyfriend Tom Ballanco, a medical marijuana advocate, with showing her the drug’s benefits, adding, “I’ve always resonated with people who are on the front lines. I’ve always felt that way about Tom and about the community around him – Woody Harrelson, Alicia Silverstone. I have a lot of friends around me who are very courageous and willing to ‘come out’ – and Tom is definitely beyond the front lines. Any fears that I had about cannabis were quickly assuaged. Now I feel like a professional!”

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