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Fear over tainted drugs

A STASH of cocaine, ecstasy and cannabis destined for sale in Dublin was covered in rat faeces and urine when it was seized by gardai last week.

The cache of drugs, worth €165,000, was found in rat-infested outhouses in south Dublin where up to 30 neglected dogs were discovered. Although wrapped in plastic, the stash of drugs was crawling with rats and the covering was damaged.

If contaminated, the drugs might have posed a serious risk to users if they had made it on to the streets, gardai said.

Detectives were called to the outbuildings in Mount Seskin after animal rescuers were tipped off about the neglect of up 30 dogs being held there. It is suspected that the dogs — including terriers and bulldogs — were being bred for dog fighting.

The rat infestation was so bad that rescued dogs have been isolated until vets can establish whether they have Wiel’s disease, the potentially fatal disease passed through rat urine.

Orla Aungier, of the Dublin Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, described the filthy conditions. “The outhouses were completely rat infested, rat carcasses on the ground and in some of the kennels, and the stench of urine and faeces was overpowering,” she said.

Gardai discovered 10,000 ecstasy tables, half a kilo of cocaine and four and a half kilos of cannabis resin, along with drug paraphernalia, computer parts and an air pistol.

No arrests have been made to date.

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